Explosives Accessories

When it comes to explosive operations, the right accessories make all the difference.

Our accessories cater to the diverse needs of many industries.  Petro-Explo ensures reliable and timely delivery of our explosives products wherever the task may take you.

UN0105 Fuse Safety 1.4S, 6.1 g black powder 125-145 s/m

Cobra Safety Fuse

Timed safety fuse.  6.1 grams of black powder per meter.  Packaged in 1000-meter cases.  1.4S

#8 Blasting cap, UN0455, Detonator, non-electric.

#8 Cobra Blasting Cap

540 mg PETN primary charge with 160 mg Lead Azide secondary charge.  Offered in packages of 90.  1.4S

UN0500, Detonators Assemblies, Non-Electric, For blasting. 1.4S

Cobra Fuse Assembly

Cobra safety fuse with a #8 blasting cap.  Ships in lengths of 1, 2 and 4 meters.  They can also ship with a pre-attached igniter cord connector.  1.4S

UN0325 1.4G Ignitors,

Igniter Cord Connector

0.5 g Pyrotechnic Material.  For crimping to fuse assemblies. 4000 units per case.  1.4G

Un0066, Cord, Igniter, 1.4G

Z-18 Igniter Cord

Burn rate of 35 seconds per meter.  1500 meters per case (10 rolls of 150 meters each).  1.4G


19 grams per meter, g/m RDX UN0289, Cord, detonating, flexible, 1.1D and 1.4D

RDX Detonation Cord

80 grain.  450 meters per box.  1.1D and 1.4D