Explosives Accessories

When it comes to explosive operations, the right accessories make all the difference.

Our accessories cater to the diverse needs of many industries.  And Petro-Explo ensures reliable and timely delivery of our product wherever your projects take you.

Cobra Safety Fuse

Timed safety fuse.  6.1 grams of black powder per meter. This safety fuse comes in cases of 1000 meters. 1.4S

#8 Cobra Blasting Cap

540 mg of PETN primary charge with 160 mg Lead Azide secondary charge.  These come in packages of 90.  1.4S

Cobra Fuse Assembly

These contain a #8 Cobra blasting cap attached to Cobra safety fuse in lengths of 1, 2 and 4 meters.  They can also ship with a pre-attached ignitor cord connector.  1.4S

Z-18 Ignitor Cord

Burn rate of 34 seconds per meter. 1500 meters per case (10 rolls of 150 meters each).  1.4G

Ignitor Cord Connector

0.5 g Pyrotechnic Material.   For crimping to fuse assemblies. 4000 units per case.  1.4G

RDX Detonation Cord

80 grain.  450 meters per box.  1.1D and 1.4D