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Who We Are

For almost 40 years, Petro-Explo Inc. has been a trusted name in the explosives industry.  We offer the safest, most reliable products with unparalleled service for storage, shipping and consulting.  We supply a variety of industries including Oilfield, Mining, Avalanche Control, Construction & Demolition, Fireworks, and Military Testing.  


Our premium products are available at competitive prices with no required contracts, no minimum order quantities, and we ship directly to you via common carrier.

Competitive Prices

No Required Contracts

No Minimum Order Quantities

Shipped Directly To You

Our Products

Oilfield Detonators

Igniting Innovation with our tried-and-true Detonators.

Explosives Accessories

We cater to a range of industries for precision blasting and controlled detonations.

Bulk Explosives

Unleash Unprecedented Power with Petro-Explo's Bulk Explosives.

Need Expert Advice?

If you have concerns about a project and using the right kind of explosives, the quantities needed, or concerns about storage, accessibility or shipping, we’re here to answer your questions.